SBA stages

The SBA project aims to assist fish producers all the way from the moment of processing facility layout idea to the  plant being set up and operating.

SBA services are initially divided in four basic stages:


The lack of initial experience, knowledge and skills leading new production to critical risks, where: 

  • due to layout imperfection the number of accessible product specifications is limited, otherwise immediate plant restructuring is needed
  • essential time delay to get plant on regular operation basis
  • budget failed, extra funding is needed
  • investments inefficiency is down, project in danger

To avoid such problems, market and technical expertise on plant layout (and content) must be obtained prior.


There are a number of solution (machinery) providers interesting to contract. However, not all are able to provide the right job at a sustainable level (incl. after-service and parts). It is important to verify potential nominees carefully and prior. 

To copy fish processing solutions (core technology, at least) is always easier and cheaper than to create the unique (custom made) one. 

Each technology supplier wants to replicate or to amend the core project, rather than to create a new solution for each particular client. 


In order to support steady production schedule, to improve sales efficiency and cashflow, the SBA project can provide each client with extended option of extra trade and financial facilities, such as:

    • promote and launch the unique (but comfortable) range of goods
    • pre-order the entire range of goods or buyout stock inventory
    • optimize distribution methods (such as wholesale, pallet sale at higher pricing, etc.) and to addvalue on existing production (consumer packing, private label, etc.)
    • provide appropriate financing on current production

    Such benefits are inaccessible, i.e. technically and economically unreasonable to any spot trade intermediary.

    SBA Partners


    Igor N. Lissioutkine
    SBA project coordinator

    Phone +31 203585244
    Mobile +31 614155052


    Beatrice Holm
    SBA partner 

    Phone +45 6217 2848 
    Mobile +45 5092 2016