Challenges and trends are increasingly motivating the worldwide fisheries to restructure their businesses in order to combine fish harvesting, processing and distribution.

Such tendencies are obviously seen in the evolution of fish industry in Russia, where starting in 2018, the first 20% of national whitefish TAC has been allocated for industry development, and presumably in 2022 the next 20% of TAC will be used for the same purposes.

It is most likely that such campaign will not be the end of the story, but go on in the future.

Fish consumers are constantly demanding a higher valued  range of products. To be in trend producers worldwide must invest more in machinery and automatization as well as to improve distribution methods and sales skills.

The brand new or upgrading fish productions will eventually reach the demanded level, however, such evolution will cost the producers lots of effort. Therefore, SBA project services will help them to avoid losing both time and money.

SBA services are well applicable to the entire fish processing industry which is targeting to utilize a wide range of fish materials and struggling for such positive value of services which might efficiently stimulate the rapid development and bring essential benefits on the long run.

Risks and challenges

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