Smart Business Associates

In an increasingly competitive and challenging market, SBA can help your company to success in seafood business.

The present challenges and trends in the fishing industry are pushing the worldwide fisheries to go for vertical integration­ where fish harvesting, processing and distribution is all under ’one roof’.

SBA can help your company on the path

  • SBA is a new opportunity to develop your business in the area of fish processing and sales.

  • SBA offers innovative solutions that can be applied at any stage of your business development.

  • SBA provides a set of “smart” services in the area of fish industry, with expertise on technology and market, development and trends.

  • SBA supports each client throughout the entire activity - from idea regarding own production, while plant being performed, on the way of development to the high added value range of products and further on.

  • SBA will provide your processing facility with a comfortable orders, consistent with your capabilities and trends in the global fish market.

  • SBA will financially support your production and ensure that your products are sold at high degree of economic efficiency.

  • SBA services are based on transparency and open books, where we earn a fixed margin whether the markets go up or down.

  • SBA services allow fishery clients to save time and money.

SBA Partners


Igor N. Lissioutkine
SBA project coordinator

Phone +31 203585244
Mobile +31 614155052


Beatrice Holm
SBA partner 

Phone +45 6217 2848 
Mobile +45 5092 2016